In 1977, another civilization may have been calling… and we were listening.

Next Future Films Presents ‘Wow Signal’ : Jerry Ehman | Robert Dixon | Karen O’Neil 
Robert Gray | Michael Holstine | Tom Burns and Seth Shostak
Associate Producer : Roger Norfleet | Written by: Michael Shaw 
Executive Producer: James Lehr Kennedy
Edited by: Bob Dawson | Produced by: Bob Dawson and Michael Shaw | Directed by: Bob Dawson

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On a late summer evening in 1977, Ohio radio astronomers discovered a strong, interstellar signal that is believed by many to be the best evidence of communication from an extraterrestrial civilization. Famously known as the ‘Wow! Signal’, its origins remain a mystery, and continue to intrigue. In today’s ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence, there are those who think the Wow! Signal is the real thing, while others feel that actual evidence of intelligent life beyond our own is not within our grasp.

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